It's a Kind of Magic - A Royal Flush

Is it magic? Can the computer read your mind? And whose faces are on those cards?

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Can the computer read your mind or hear your whispered choices??

Do the Windsor’s have a 7th sense that us Commoners are not even aware of?

If your mind IS being read can you block your thoughts from whatever or whoever is reading it?

Well, you can only know if you give it a try!

How It Works

What happens…‘A Royal Flush’ will show you a random array of cards and once you have picked out a playing card in your mind and clicked on any one of the fifties icons underneath, the computer will ‘somehow’ work out your choice and remove your card from the display…it never seems to get it wrong…but just how it works is a mystery…or is it?

Our Unique Playing Cards

This is also the first of our E-cards to use our unique playing card designs featuring the British Royal Family (well how could we miss such an opportunity!)...look closely at the faces on the Kings, Queens and Jacks and you will see Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II and of course Prince William smiling out at you...just that extra bit of fun that we couldn’t resist adding to an already compelling greetings ecard.

Occasions / Print Captions

The captions below show on the print version of your recipients card along with your message.

Birthday The perfect year to play your wild card!
Mothers Day Thanks for being the best're magic!
Hi You're re a real diamond!
Thank You You must have read my mind!
Congratulations You've turned up trumps!
Good Luck You'll turn up trumps!
Bon Voyage Have an Ace trip!
Anniversary Another year with a full hand of hearts!
Get Well You'll soon be playing your trump cards again!

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