London Gentleman's Chorus - A Song For You

See a truly unique perfomance by the choir of London businessmen who rehearse on Hampstead Heath!

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In ‘A Song For You’, you can hear the LGC practicing one of their favourite songs in their own unique way and one of the choir members has the opportunity to show off his exceptional vocal range (which doesn’t always sit comfortably with everyone!). Rivallry for the star role is fierce!

The Choir

These traditional London city gents let off steam (and their bowler hats) by singing together after a long day in the office. They first discovered their singing prowess when they were on a staff training day learning how to diffuse office stress . . . they are now a renowned chorus and are growing in popularity. On a sunny day, you could be lucky to hear them practice on Hampstead Heath in North London.

The London Skyline

You can understand why this choir choose the Heath to practice as the views across the city are breathtaking…in this ecard you can see the silhouettes of St Paul’s Cathedral, The Tower of London, Canary Wharf, the famous Gherkin (it’s more official name being 30 St Mary Axe, the Swiss Re Building), Battersea Power Station and of course, not forgetting our famous Millennium Wheel which is now London’s main focus, alongside Big Ben of course, for our New Year fireworks display.

Interesting fact...did you know that, although the Gherkin is rounded in shape, there is only one curved piece of glass in the whole building and that is on the top...well we think it's interesting!


A big thank you goes out to the brilliant actor/musician Royce Cronin whose voice is featured in this card...he managed to maintain serious professionalism during the recording session whilst all else around him descended into laughter!

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Birthday Have a simply splendid day!
Hello Jolly good day to you
Thank You Cheerio, much appreciated and all that!
Congratulations Jolly well done old chap
Good Luck Steady on, fingers crossed old chap...
Bon Voyage Tally ho, chocks away old bean
Anniversary Frightfully well done; hip ra hip ra!
New Baby Splendid news, jolly good going!
Mother's Day Have a splendid notch mothering, what!
Father's Day Jolly well done for having me old chap!
Get Well You'll soon be in tip top shape, what!

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