Funky Cardy Ecards - Barking Shorts - Big Boots

Meet Big Boots the spider who is proud of being a bit different.

Funky Cardy Ecards: Big Boots Funky Cardy Printed Funny E-Cards: Big Boots

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Short Story

Harry Achnid (or Big Boots, as he is known to his mates), the flambouyant spider, decides to finally be open about his passion for fashion and all things dressing up.


There's much to interact with in this card as you can help Big Boots try on some of his wardrobe!

Occasions / Print Captions

The captions below show on the print version of your recipients card along with your message.

Birthday This is the year to put your best foot forward!
Congratulations There's no udder quite like you!
Hello Fangs for being awesome!

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