Clever Bunny - Globe Hopper

Clever Bunny prepares for a holiday to an undisclosed remote part of the world...join her in her study as she gets a little distracted from the task of packing.

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Clever Bunny is so used to travelling far and wide for her research and for the many lectures she gives across the world that she has an extremely organized routine of packing. When she takes a holiday however, she has so many interests and pursuits that getting her luggage together can become somewhat chaotic (even with the help of her robot dog, Tobor)!

Although this is supposed to be a break, CB can't resist trying out her new invention: The Cooling/Insect Repellent Hat (V3), with attached fans - a prototype of which she will test while she is on her trip.

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You can see from the many items scattered around Clever Bunny's study that she has many hobbies including camping, caravanning, hiking, snorkeling and wonder she finds it difficult to pack her rucksack!

Look Around

As usual in her study, there are a lot of different things to look at (once she has finished talking, of course!) can as always feed her fish; the red button to the left of the tank, you can play with her head torch; there are different coloured lights she uses for different purposes...and you can click on her passport and take a look at her passport photo!

As ever, she will comment on various books on her shelves, if prompted by clicking on the right ones and her light can be turned on and off (which never goes down too well!).

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Birthday May this year be a great adventure!
Bon Voyage Have a great adventure
Good Luck On your next adventure
Hello Any adventure starts with an idea!

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