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Clever Bunny becomes the first quadruped to sit in British Parliament!

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The Story

This is a unique opportunity to see history in the making as Clever Bunny (or CB as she is known to her friends) is welcomed into British Parliament for the first time. Catch The Major, MP for Great Blitherington, making an emotive speech and proving that politics and politicians can be fun too!

Although Clever Bunny is merely a guest speaker in The House of Commons, her advice is taken very seriously; her many research projects into social interaction have proven that she has a great deal of very useful experience from which we can all benefit!

The rituals in Parliament can appear a little puzzling with everyone shouting out 'hear, hear' if they agree with the speaker and there is also a great deal of paper flapping too, but CB takes it all in her stride as one of those many odd things that humans do to communicate! In fact she did some research before this visit and discovered that the habit of shouting out originated in the 18th century when they used to say 'hear him, hear him' (especially as applause seems to be forbidden in these chambers) she was prepared to witness the now abbreviated version of this without being too startled...although she had drawn the line at joining in!

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