Art Ecards - Shimmer by Teresa Narduzzo

Send an animated ecard of a painting by one of London's contemporary fine artists: Teresa Narduzzo.

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Fine Art Ecards

This is the first of our Fine Art gives a personal insight into how this work is created. Showing an animated video of how the artist makes oil paint from raw pigment, it features the painting 'Shimmer', courtesy of a private collection.

Ecards from the London Art World

We have had many requests to include a selection of paintings from our inhouse artist in our ecard collection and we think this will make an exciting alternative to our funny ecards.

Invitations and Blank Cards


We have included the options of being able to send this ecard as an invitation...this is new to our service. The invitation can be for any event...just include the details in the message box before you send...and as with all our cards, you can select as many of your recipients in your address book as you wish and just hit send. One message...many recipients...a real time saver.

Blank Cards

We have also listened to feedback for blank cards, and have included this option for the first time with this can just send this card for no particular occasion, or for any of your choice.

Occasions / Print Captions

Choose one of the occasions below and they will show on the print version of your recipients card along with your message.

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