Clever Bunny - The Importance of Being You Ecard

Join Clever Bunny in her lounge as she tries out her new invention - her robot dog. This card has options to personalise before you send it and there are many fun interactive elements to play with...once Clever Bunny has finished talking!

Funky Caryd Ecards: The Importance of Being You FunkyCardy Printed Card: The Importance of Being You

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This card has extra options to further personalise your ecard!

Background Story

Meet Clever Bunny (or CB as she is more commonly known), the Cleverest Bunny in the world, as she tests some complex new tasks she has programmed her robot dog Tobor to perform at parties and celebrations.

When she is not away working in far reaches of the world with her many research projects, Clever Bunny returns to her home in East London; a converted old chocolate factory which (of course!) she has updated to have minimum environmental impact, including installing a wind turbine! CB’s idea of relaxing is to work on one of her many personal projects.

Ask Clever Bunny to personally say hello to your recipient!

This card has options to choose the first name of your recipient from hundreds of names...Clever Bunny will say hello personally, she can say who your card is from...Mum, Brother, Friend etc. and if you have chosen to send this as a birthday card you can chose an age too for her to say...she is a very clever bunny after all!


You will see that CB loves reading and has many interests and passions including languages, music, art, architecture and interior fact you can see from the furnishing choices she has made with her study that she is particularly drawn to the 50's design era and she loves nothing more, when she is at home, than kicking back in her retro 50's chair!

CB is fascinated with alternative health and has, for many years now, been practicing Chi clever-bunny-meditatingGung; the Chinese philosophy of aligning breath, physical activity and awareness and connecting your own energy to that of the environment. Once she has finished chatting (she never likes to be interrupted), you can click her Chi Gung book on her floor and see Clever Bunny herself demonstrate some of her Chi Gung stances.

Look Around

This ecard has lots of elements you can play can feed CB's fish (the red button left of the tank), her Chi Gung book opens up and you can click on a few of the books on her bookshelves and hear CB's opinion of them.

You can also turn Clever Bunny's light off and on...but beware; she doesn't like visitors playing with her light, so don't be surprised if she gets quite strict about it and even puts a stop to it!

Occasions / Print Captions

The captions below show on the print version of your recipients card along with your message.

Birthday Wishing you an inventive year
Congratulations This calls for celebrating in style
Anniversary Bring on the celebrations

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