Woollen Jumpers - To The Rescue

Our daredevil stunt sheep get a call from Santa to help rescue Christmas.

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The Story

The Woollen Jumpers (or The WJ's as we know them), a daring team of highly trained skydivers, receive a call from the North Pole from Santa to help with his deliveries when a winter flu (or maybe too many mince pies) has meant he is late with his rounds. Clever Bunny is also called in with her eco-friendly helicopter to assist the WJ's in this last minute rescue mission. These guys are award winning stunt-sheep…don’t try their tricks yourself unless you are with a trained advisor!


The WJ's perform many skydives in a year and the purpose of some of these jumps are of a top secret nature...you may well come across them at another time on one of their more serious missions. They regularly train at an undercover stunt and skydive training ground in Cardigan, South West Wales, to keep up and improve on their skills in between jumps. The Woollen Jumpers are a tight-knit group and all get on very well, which is absolutely necessary when their work relies heavily on team trust.

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