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Feedback we've received...

One of the overwhelming pieces of feedback we keep getting is that there is no other card service that is close to being as awesome as this online...and well, without blowing our own trumpet too much, we kind of agree!!!

Thanks for the great comments...

Jolene's loud guitar feedback deafens Ringo the punk!"Thanks for this!! The best e-card I've ever had! Haha!"

"Myself and the children are new fans of Clever Bunny. Brilliant idea and lots of fun. Love the artwork."

"I've searched for so long now for some fun to send people in an email and there is just nothing out there."

"Clever Bunny is so real to me, I absolutely adore her"

"This is the coolest online card service I've seen, and boy I've looked."

"I am going to send the Gallery card to everyone I know...I can't stop laughing about it!"

"The drawing is awesome, the Queen looks so real, how do you do it?"

"I know so many people who are going to love Sister Mary Hope!"

"I'm totally hooked, I'm a complete fan...what is Clever Bunny going to be up to next?"

"Just WOW!"

"I want to BE Clever Bunny!"(...and that wasn't a child talking!)

"I can't wait to see what you are going to come up with next."

"The world needs this!"

"I haven't laughed so much at something in ages...I love them all...I can't wait for people's birthdays before I tell people about this, I've just got to send them to my friends now!"

Your Feedback is Important

These are just some of the comments about our Ecards in the short time that Funky Cardy has been out in the world and this wonderful feedback means that the humour and all the attention to detail in every Ecard has reached people in the way it was meant to...just the making of these ecards brought so much fun, enjoyment and laughter; so it is hugely rewarding to know that Funky Cardy Ecards are doing the same for all our supporters and members...which is, after all, what this is all about!