More Help Viewing Your Card

If emptying your cache didn't resolve your issues, there are a some other things you can do to resolve this problem. It is just worth trying one thing at a time and then checking to see if that has done the trick.

Remember our cards can not be viewed on mobile Apple devices as Apple no longer support the Flash plug-in...use other mobile devices, laptops and desktop PC's or Macs...the bigger the screen the better to see all the details on our cards!

Download the latest Flash Player

Your Flash Player may be out of date; download the latest player note that McAffee is ticked as a default to install with the Flash Player...untick this option before clicking on Install Now if you don't want to also install McAffee.

Remove and Reinstall the Flash Player

It is possible that your version of the Flash Player is damaged, if reinstalling the player (as above) has not solved the problems, then this could be the case and if so it will need to be removed completely from your system and then reinstalled.

The process of removal is very simple and Flash Adobe have created a tool which you can easily download to remove the Player for you.

Reinstall or Update The Flash Player

Click on the following link to Adobe's support pages; then select the link for your operating system and follow their instructions to troubleshoot and reinstall the Flash Player if necessary.

As noted above...if you download the new player during this process, be aware that McAfee Security Scan Plus option is ticked to install alongside Flash as a may want to untick this before Installing the new player.

Once you have tried all or any of the above, it is always good to close your computer down and restart to make sure your changes have taken effect.

Are You Using Web Accelerators?

Turn off any web accelerators you might be using - if you are not sure what this is then you won't be using one, so just go on to the next section, otherwise if you have turned them off try viewing your card again.

Finally Check Your Security Software

If your problem hasn't been resolved you could check any third party software you have installed on your computer. Look in its help section to make sure that none of the settings would affect viewing our cards. NOTE: make sure; if this product also provides your anti-virus, that you leave these running as these are vital to your security and also will not affect your Flash Player.

Your issue still unresolved?

If none of the above answer your issue and you have tried to resend your card (see your Card Sent Page once you have Logged In to Funky Cardy) and it still has not been received by your recipient, then follow the link below to our Help Desk Form - let us know as much details as possible...don't forget to include the email address of your card recipient. Once you have given us your information then include your name and email address and submit...we will look into your issue and get back to you as soon as possible.

Help Desk Form