Ecard Options

If you are wondering how our extra card options work then read on...they are easy to use and will make your card even more personal than before...

You Can Change Our Animations!

Clever Bunny PortraitWe have additional options with some of our cards, in particular our Clever Bunny range.When you choose to send a card, if it has extra options, you can select from the drop-down lists and actually change the speech of the animation.

In most cases you should find that the name of the person you are sending to is available for selection - we have hundreds of the most popular names on our lists.

Depending on the card and the occasion there will be other options such as age and who the sender is to the recipient (e.g. Mum, Sister, Uncles, friends...the list goes on!).

Personalise Our Script

To receive a card that has talking characters who then use a personalised 'script' is truly amazing. Can you imagine the impact of hearing Clever Bunny say hi and your name - there is even the option to add the age of the recipient and who you are to the give you an idea, it would go something like this:

e.g. "hello Amy, I hear you are 7 today, happy birthday...your Mums dropped by earlier...".

We know that this has brought wonder and amazement to both adults and children...CB has a big fan club of as many adults as children out there!

Our Default Scripts

If you don't select one of these extra options from our drop down menus, then there will just be a default script rather than the personalised one....for example;

"Hello there...I hear it's your birthday today...". It is also possible to select some but not all of our options and if you leave one without a personal setting this will just pick up our default speech.

Seemless Changes

The other great thing is about this feature is that we have animated, scripted and programmed our ecards in such a way that any option selection is included in a seamless and completely natural way...Clever Bunny just takes any change in her stride!

Which Ecards Offer Options?

If you want to know how the options will work for each card that offers them and want to see exactly how your selections will change the speech in the card, then follow the appropriate link for each card. You will find that, in general, the Clever Bunny collection of cards offer options when CB is at her most relaxed; such as at home!

The Clever Bunny Cards which have these extra spoken options are:

  • 'The Importance of Being You'
  • 'Tobor's New Tricks'
  • 'Globe Hopper'
  • 'A Christmas Retreat'

You can see which options are available when you choose to send one of these cards; there are drop down menus in the send card page which vary depending on the card and the occasion...there are hundreds of different ways to make these cards really personal to your recipient.

There Will Be More!

We will be adding more names to our options...but as each new name needs it's own unique audio and animation, it isn't a quick process. If the name you want isn't here, check back again, or make sure you have ticked the option to sign up for our newsletter; which you can do in 'My Details' in your Funky Cardy Membership Area. We will certainly let you know when more are available.

Our Options Are Amazing!

We think this aspect of our cards is really amazing and is a feature we are so excited about...the possibilities are massive and the resulting card is wonderfully personal.

A Magical Touch

Can you imagine being the recipient of such a card where the character knows your name, and who has sent you the card plus the small detail of how old you are (that is, of course, if it is a birthday ecard!) is truly fantastic and very magical especially for those smaller people we love.