Recipients - Printing Your Card and Message

If you would like to know more about our great print function then just read on...

The Print Process - Instructions

Printable Ecards

Our ecard service actually bridges the gap between ecards and the tradional makes the most of being the versatile, entertaining, immediate platform that is available for ecards while at the same time offering a printable (and more traditional) card to our recipients with their personal message.

Printed Card Example Printed Card Example Printed Card Example

Do I Need Special Paper?

You don't need any special paper in order to print your ecard...our cards look great on standard letter paper, as well as print quality paper.

Do I Need A Special Printer?

A standard desktop colour printer is all you need...if you print out your own letters, documents, pictures etc. from the computer, then you have all you need to print out our e-cards.

Printing and the Environment

All our cards are printable - this function is available to any recipient of our cards who would like to print out their card so they can see it away from the computer. We recommend that as it is environmentally greener not to print our cards, if recipients would still prefer to do so, once finished with, the card is recycled. With these issues in mind, we have made it as easy as possible to print our cards so that paper, ink and energy isn't wasted trying to successfully print the card out.

Where Is The Print Function?

There are two ways you can access the printed card function in your ecard: On our introduction page - where you see the card title, 'View Card' and 'Background Story' etc. - you will see an image of a note pinned to the page which is a link to print the card. There is also a link bottom of your message to print the card.

The Printing Process

When go to the page where you can print out your card, you will also see a link page of instructions in case you want to see how this works before printing. However, it really is very easy...

  • Make sure your printer is on
  • Place an A4 or standard letter sized piece of paper in your can use special printing paper if you want a different quality, however ordinary paper also works just fine. (You will only need one sheet!).
  • If you want to select a fine print quality then go into your printer's settings to adjust this, however this isn't necessary to achieve a good print out.
  • Click on 'Print' and once your page is printed, then simply fold in's really that easy!
  • The result will be, on one side, a picture of your animated card with the occasion and a caption and on the other will be your personal message (long messages may get cropped, but you will get a very good reminder of what was said to you).

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The Print Result...

As we know that many people still value being able to see their card away from the screen as a tangible greetings card, we have spent time recreating a static card that represents the animated Ecard and also has its own specific captions to go with these 'actual' cards, so that our recipients can have the best of both worlds. We are very excited to be able to include this additional and unusual aspect to an animated ecard service.


We can't say this enough...please recycle any cards you have printed from our service, once you have no further use for them. We have supplied this part of our service as we think many people still like to have something tangible of the greeting they have been sent, but we have supplied this in good faith that the service will be used with the environment in mind.

Print Availability

We have made this function solely for the recipient as we are first and foremost an ecard service and are not supplying a service whereby members can print our cards and send them through the post. We strongly believe in sending greetings online, it is so much more efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly. We therefore don't want to offer a service that could include 'ye olde worlde' way of sending cards...this is just an addition for those recipients who still want that lift in seeing their cards out in the tangible world!

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