Problems Logging In

Are you having trouble logging in...or are you getting a warning that you are not a known member to us?

The Most Common Reasons:

Select from the list below whichever describes your problem, or read our tips underneath on some simple checks you can make.

  1. I have forgotten my password
  2. I have changed my email address.
  3. I have forgotten my password and changed my email address
  4. I have forgotten my password and forgotten my email address
  5. I'm having problems remaining Logged In

A Few Small Checks You Can Make

If none of the above are relevant, it is also possible that the details you have entered are incorrect...easily done... we have to remember so many passwords, pins and addresses these days:

  • Make sure you haven't added a small L instead of the number 1 or vice versa.
  • Similarly check that you have put the correct character - should it have been the number Zero or the letter O?
  • If you have added www. Or http://www.before your email address this is wrong as this is how a website address starts.
  • Your email address should look like this; (or etc.)

Forgotten Your Log In Details

Alternatively, you might have just plain forgotten the correct log-in details you used when you joined...if this is the case then go to our page that gives help on finding out your details and we'll so our best to help you.