eCard: All Things Bright

All Things Bright

Sister Mary Hope shares her musical gift on the streets of South London.

For years now Sister Mary Hope has been playing her guitar in the convent for Christmas carol-singing. One year after a particularly long evening of carols led by Hope's enthusiastic strumming, the other nuns suggested perhaps her real calling was to take her playing out of the convent to try and spread the 'joy and comfort' of her music to the wider community outside. In 'All Things Bright' we see Sister Hope on one of her first urban busking trips (to a street in Brixton, South London) singing one of her favourite songs.



Sister Hope belongs to 'The Divine Last Order', the origins of which have long been disputed. The sisters claim they are the last and longest running truly devoted order. However hearsay and local myth tells a different story; common folklore at the Ol' Bull & Bush, the Convent's local Public House, states that the name was given following habitual late lock-ins enjoyed by many of the nuns, whereby 'last Orders' for the final refreshment of the evening were given not from the landlord but from 'Above'as one or other of the sisters would have to be escorted home after falling into a divine trance-like state under the table!

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