eCard: Globe Hopper

Globe Hopper

Clever Bunny prepares for a holiday to an undisclosed remote part of the world...join her in her study as she gets a little distracted from the task of packing.

Clever Bunny is so used to travelling far and wide for her research and for the many lectures she gives across the world that she has an extremely organized routine of packing. When she takes a holiday however, she has so many interests and pursuits that



Extra Options This card has extra options to choose from when you send this card: Select the first name of your recipient from hundreds of names and Clever Bunny will say hello personally. She can say who your card is from...Mum, Brother, Friend etc. and she can also wish your recipient a good trip and refer to where they're going...she is a very clever bunny after all! You can choose the options to personalise your card when you you select's easy.

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