eCard: Going Underground

Going Underground

Clever Bunny shows you the Underground Train system she invented for her animal friends to travel around London safely and quickly!

Join Clever Bunny (or CB as she is known to her friends) as she hops on the UFU (the transport system she created) for a brief and smooth journey across London. Even though she is very busy making notes on her laptop for her next lecture, ever sociable, CB finds the time to have a chat with you about her fellow passengers, about whom she seems to know a great deal!



The 'Underground for the Underground' (or UFU as it is known in the animal world) was invented by Clever Bunny as a transport system for the city animals to get around safely and quickly in London... The UFU covers a fairly wide area of London reaching both sides of the will be able to see, from the map in the carriage, the stations which are covered and their close link by name to those of The London Underground: There are strong debates in the animal community around the theory that the names on the UFU were actually the original source of inspiration for their better known counter-parts. The station names which have caused the most debate as to their origins are Pigadilly Circus (Piccadilly Circus),Foxford Circus (Oxford Circus)and Batfriars (Blackfriars)...the history that has been passed down through word of mouth (or beak in some cases!) is that certain well-thought-of individuals within the animal community were consulted in an advisory role when the (human) London Underground was first built...and Clever Bunny's family name (not surprisingly) is usually a part of this usual, CB downplays the fundamental influence she and generations of her family before her have had on animal and human life in this vibrant capital city!

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