eCard: Hook, Line & Sinker

Hook, Line & Sinker

You are given a royal opportunity to watch Queen Elizabeth fishing...she catches more than she'd hoped for!

Visit QEII on her Balmoral Estate and have the privilege of watching while she indulges in one of her favourite pastimes; salmon fishing on the River Dee with two of her beloved Corgis, Emma and Linnet, for company. Queen Elizabeth II usually leaves husband Philip behind in the castle while she fishes as his rather loud bumbling always limits the days catch. Although sense (and her maid) suggest a simple headscarf is appropriate headwear for the occasion, Elizabeth finds it hard to part from her tiara and believes the twinkling of her diamonds helps lure the fish to her hook.



On this fishing trip, Lizzie hooks a very unusual prize...but really what more could she expect if she has to fish in front of a Commoner!...the sacrifices one has to make for one's country!!

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