eCard: Nightworks


An Exhibition at The London Take Gallery of the latest most shocking artworks. Miss Take talks to a collector about the in depth meaning of the art on show.

In 'Nightworks', a new show of the most recent Modern Art from some of the up and coming new names on the art scene, Miss Take talks to one of her most important art collectors about the meanings behind these great works on display. Drop in on the Private View of this show as the tangible buzz of exciting new work prompts passionate art speak discussions and debates. As usual the champagne flows and people come from all over the world to see what all the fuss is about!



'Nightworks' is, in Miss Take's words, 'an exhibition about symbolic beginnings and the exquisite push/pull of the new". The exhibition took a great deal of organising and unique considerations during the hanging of the show, and caused a great deal of convtroversy before the doors even opened when the Press found out that one of the artworks demanded 24 hour security! If you view this card on a computer or laptop, it is possible, once Miss Take has finished talking about the 'great works' on show here, to discover for yourself more about each piece, including what the press are saying, by just rolling your mouse over them!

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