eCard: Tobor's New Tricks

Tobor's New Tricks

Clever Bunny tests her invention - Tobor the robot dog, to make sure he can perform perform his new can test him too!

When Clever Bunny takes some rare time off, you will often find her in her study; one of her favourite rooms in her East London home, where she will inevitably be working on one of her personal projects or new inventions. Clever Bunny has just finished



Whenever you visit CB's study there is always plenty to see (once she has finished chatting with you, of course!). In 'Tobor's New Tricks' you can feed her robot dog his favourite snacks by clicking on the 'Metal Morsels' box on the will see how CB has trained him to jump up and catch his treats. You can also get Tobor to do more of his tricks yourself by activating the interactive 'Robot Tricks' book on the table and as always there are other books on the bookshelves to click on and see what CB has to say about them and you can feed her fish (just find the red button next to the fish tank). Oh yes and one more ever, you can turn her light off and on, although this isn't recommended as it does irritate the usually calm CB and she may not be at all happy about it being played with! This card has extra options to personalise the actual animation...choose options when you send the card.

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