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If you are viewing our ecards on a mobile device, you will see the mobile movie version...our detailed ecards are made in Flash and have many interactive features when played on desktops and laptops.

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More Info about our service

Funky Cardy is run by a very small team. Our cards are meticulously made, taking at least 4-6 weeks from concept to completion. We pride ourselves in making quality animated cards with original audio, and compelling equivalent of which you just won't find out there. This also means that we don't churn out vast numbers of new quick cards per year...if this is what you are looking for you won't get it here...but if you want difference, quality and tasteful humour with your Egreetings card then you have come to the right place.

Preview some of our cards...

We recommend you preview some of our cards before joining...we don't offer any trial memberships so it's a good to get an idea of the kind of ecards we make: You can either click on one of the examples below or visit 'Our Ecards' page to view more.

Funky Cardy Ecards - Printed Card Example Funky Cardy Ecards - Printed ECards Example Printed Card Example

A great fun way to keep in touch

Our cards are an ideal way of corresponding with friends and family, even if it is just to say hi or don't have to wait for that big occasion to send a loved one our cards. This card service is for personal use only and not for business use.

Funky Cardy Ecards EnvelopeYou will be able to send our cards with your own personalised message to your friends and family for a whole year...even the envelope at the beginning of all our cards will have a personal touch as it will display the name of your recipient. Your recipients will also have the option to print a static version of their animated ecard, for those who like to see their cards when they are away from the computer!

If you want to know more then follow this link for further details of how our service works.

As a FunkyCardy member you will send cards in the knowledge that you are sending out the funkiest ECards out there...what are you waiting for!